• As Hurricane Ophelia approaches – are we due a new Black Monday?

    As Hurricane Ophelia makes its way towards the UK’s shores, commentators are focusing on the 10th anniversary of the financial crisis. Should we take into account current market similarities to those of Black Monday 1987.

  • Why “big data” could mean big demands on asset managers

    The role that technology can play in the investment world has been one of the most enduring topics for asset managers in recent times. Fund managers should expect more questions about how they manage money and, in particular, the way they apply data, research and new technologies within their investment processes.

  • Is this off the record?

    The idea of on/off the record has always been one of the murkier aspects of communications.

    This week’s comments from Steve Bannon, chief strategist to Donald Trump, underline once again why interviewees need to make it clear in advance that comments they are making are off the record.

  • 5 essential social media hacks for B2B companies

    In the B2B space in particular, companies can be skeptical of the benefits of social media and struggle to implement effective strategies. It is true that there are stricter compliance issues for financial services companies, relative to many B2C firms.

    We’ve outlined 5 social media tips for B2B companies, which will help engage audiences and build their brand.

  • When is a crisis not a crisis?

    It’s not that often I write again so soon after a blog entry. However, I feel compelled to do so in light of further events in the US that leave me feeling some of my previous comments already need updating (thanks, Donald…).

  • Message versus messenger: The problems of personality PR

    Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger, the White House does it again - veering wildly off message. Major announcements and centrepiece policies continue to be relegated to being no more than mere footnotes to knee-jerk reactions and personal attacks, often instigated by the President himself.

  • Ten years on… are we ready for the next crisis?

    We are now a decade on from the beginning of the global financial crisis, which started in July 2007 as the US sub-prime mortgage market was beginning to come to a head. Ten years on, are we facing the next crisis already?

  • Happy Anniversary Team JPES!

    We’ve just celebrated our 8 year anniversary at JPES Partners! Celebrations kicked off in style with bubbles & canapés – so that we were ready to raise a toast to our JPES award winners for the first six months of the year.

  • Savvy social media strategies: Theresa would have gotten away with it had it not been for those pesky kids*

    Few historical complaints pop up, quite as often, as the one where every generation thinks that they are better than the generation below. Remember when rock and roll danced its way into the Western world and all the old folk thought it was the siren of the devil himself? (I mean, clearly I’m not old enough to remember. But I did read about it…)

  • ALFI Conference Report: Asset management ripe for disruption

    The disruption that technology has wrought on a number of industries has been well documented but so far the asset management industry has been relatively sheltered from the storm; however that may all be set to change over the next few years.

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